We are inactive and closed during the summer months (May-August) and resume operations during the school months. We renew inventory every year so we assume that if you lend a dress, it will still be in our inventory for next year unless you contact us before April. 

Borrowing A Dress

Upon borrowing a dress, you will be asked to sign an agreement stating that you will return the dress in the same condition you borrowed it or pay damage fees. A sample agreement form can be found on our Facebook page. Dresses must be returned the Tuesday following the week you borrowed the dress. A 2$/day late fee will be in effect if this due date cannot be met. 

Lending a Dress

We ask that our kind lenders refrain from lending us anything that holds sentimental value. Upon lending us you're dresses we'll let you know which of your dresses will be featured in our closet. Once your dress has been borrowed and returned we tilt you 20% of borrowing price, or 80% if you've opted to sell your dress through Dress Code. As mentioned in the 'How it Works' page, you can take back your dress whenever you wish!


We ask that borrowers pay Dress Code at the site of the sale in cash/debit/credit.

Payments owed to the lender from rentals or consignment sales will be made at the end of month from which the sale had been made. Transactions by Dress Code are made via e-transfer only.

Returns Policy

In the event that a pick-up/drop-off had not been made by the requested date, Dress Code can deliver the item by mail, courier, or express at the borrower's/lender's expense.

Fees, Damages & Reparations

Dress Code will not be liable for any damage or loss by any borrower.

The borrower will be held responsible for any damage including, but not limited to stains, rips or holes, which will require an additional cleaning or repair fee. In extreme conditions where an item is damaged past the point of repair, we are obliged to ensure that the borrower and the lender has reached a resolution that can be reasonably fulfilled by the acting party.