Our sustainable focus

One should never have to sacrifice the health of our planet or go above and beyond the student budget to get a good outfit. Our philosophy is ecology through recycling and sharing. 

Non-profit partner

Dress Code partners with other like-minded organizations on Queen's campus throughout the year to spread our message of experiential learning and inclusivity. This year, we are proud to have supported and collaborated with SparQ, Vogue Charity Fashion Show, Muse , and Queen's Ted Talks. If you are interested in partnering with Dress Code, check out opportunities on our "Join the team" section.

Gain Experience

We are a platform that aims to help student become a vital part of learning core business operations early on in their careers. From Customer Service, Marketing, Operations, Brand Development, and Creative. We welcome students to Dress Code to gain experience that will give them the advantage they need to stand out in job applications and other prospective endeavours in the future.

The initiative to have a green Queen's University campus is a shared value amongst club members that was inspired by many movements and philanthropical people, click below to meet one of them.